10 Halloween Costumes for Nauseatingly Adorable Couples

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College students belong in one of two groups: those in relationships so cute they make people want to barf, and those barfing. If you and your significant other have a relationship so adorable it’s nauseating, you do you; they’re just jealous. Check out these costumes to take your lovey-doveyness to the next level. If you belong to the latter group, try these costumes with a good friend. The Fred and Wilma Flintstone look is so fifty years ago.


1. The Most Interesting Man in the World & His Drink of Choice


You don’t always let your boyfriend choose the costume, but when you do, you end up portraying a beer bottle.


2. Pikachu & Ash


Your significant other already chose you for this costume, so it just may evolve the relationship. 


3. Surgeon & Operation


Quit playing games with his heart – or rather, operating on it.


4. Leggo My Eggo


The Lego Man better watch out for his Eggo waffle during Halloween festivities. Don’t let that slab of butter entice hungry partygoers.


5. Pizza & Delivery Boy


Cute as this is, does it even make sense for a couple’s costume? The delivery boy delivers pizza to someone else…is this a subliminal breakup message or something? Maybe no one at the party will notice.


6. The Fairly Oddparents


All this costume needs is a cute little Timmy Turner. Too soon? Maybe just leave that character out until marriage.


7. Darla & Alfalfa


Just don’t wear this costume trick-or-treating. You might receive pickles instead of candy in an effort to get you to sing, “I’ve got a pickle, I’ve got a pickle. Hey hey hey hey.”


8. Jack & Coke


You might date someone who hates dressing up for Halloween, in which case you can gift a Jack shirt and trick him or her into being your liquor counterpart.


9. Cop & Donut


Aww, a couple’s costume where one character wants to eat the other. Don’t you just love cannibalism?


10. Chuck Noland & Wilson (Castaway)


If you have a date who tends to stray away at parties, you can always just call, “Wilson! Wilson!”

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Meaghan is a junior English and Communications major at Boston College. She enjoys going to concerts, taking photos, catching the train home to Cranston, Rhode Island to play outside with her three nephews and dining hall cookies.

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