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Freshman Year

Goodbye, Not Good Riddance: How NOT to Lose Friends

by Daniel Kuhn on September 09, 2014
Junior > Print Journalism > Penn State University

  Anxiety accompanied my excitement as the summer prior to my freshman year rapidly came to a close. My best friend was off to a rival school in the fall. How could we possibly stay friends...

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The Fault in Our Freshmen: The Struggle Is Real

by Daniel Kuhn on September 08, 2014
junior > Print Journalism > Penn State University

  While most of us were smart enough to avoid wearing lanyards around our necks like some sort of freshman tribal tattoo, rookie mistakes hit us when we least expect. Don’t be arrogant...

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20 People You’ll Meet On Your Floor Freshmen Year

by Daniel Kuhn on September 08, 2014
Junior > Print Journalism > Penn State University

Dorms serve as living museums of human personality. With 40+ people confined to a thousand square feet and a single bathroom, you’re bound to meet a cast of characters. Some you’ll applaud...

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Who am I Living With: Getting to Know a Random Roommate

by Daniel Kuhn on August 13, 2014
Junior > Print Journalism > Penn State University

Harder classes and the transition from high school are not always the scariest parts of freshman year. For those moving into the dorms without the security of an old friend to live with, meeting...

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Freshman Year for Dummies: 10 Ridiculously Easy Ways to Succeed

by Jacob Scholl on August 06, 2014
Junior > Journalism > University of Missouri

Alright freshman, listen up. Your first year of college can be one of the greatest years of your life. It can also ruin your entire college experience. As someone who has been around the block...

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The 10 YouTube Videos Every Freshman Should Watch

by Meaghan Healy on July 11, 2014
Junior>English and Communications>Boston College

As an incoming freshman, a billion different questions run through your head. What should I pack? How should I pack? How do I balance studies with fun? How do I make new friends? Luckily, the Internet...

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