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Freshman Year

Finding True Friends in College

by Anna Hecht on October 08, 2013
Junior > News-Editorial Journalism > University of Illinois

Can the true, Anne of Green Gables “kindred spirit” kind of friendships be formed in college? How can you tell which of your college friends are actually genuine? These questions have crossed...

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Sweat Glitter: Fight the Freshman Fifteen

by Alex Wood on October 03, 2013
Junior > Communication Studies > UCLA

All-you-can-eat dining halls serve endless amounts of sweet and savory tickle-your-taste-buds treats but threaten your old high school bod. There are parties to throw and late night snacks to eat. Gaining...

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4 Things Your Dorm Room is Better Without

by Dylan Connell on September 30, 2013
Senior > Strategic Communication > University of Missouri

 Congratulations, freshmen. You’ve made it past your first round of exams, found a cool group of people to hang out with outside of class, and finally started calling your dorm your actual...

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Ten Books Every College Freshman Needs to Read

by Emily Rella on September 20, 2013
Junior > English > Boston College

Close the textbook this weekend. And open up 10 books that will pull at your heart, make you turn your thoughts inward and remind you that at such a new and unsure time in your life, you need not feel...

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What to Expect at Your First College Party

by Dylan Connell on September 12, 2013
Senior > Strategic Communication > University of Missouri

If you weren’t the type of person to go to parties in high school, you probably thought that the kids who did were, in some form or fashion, bad news. That assumption kind of gets flipped on its...

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5 Reasons to Ditch Your High School Mentality

by Colette King on September 11, 2013
Junior > UC Riverside > English

Before indulging in the college experience of new friendships, parties and spring break, you should mentally prepare yourself. Sure, you might think you know everything about roommates and balancing...

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