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Freshman Year

The 10 YouTube Videos Every Freshman Should Watch

by Meaghan Healy on July 11, 2014
Junior>English and Communications>Boston College

As an incoming freshman, a billion different questions run through your head. What should I pack? How should I pack? How do I balance studies with fun? How do I make new friends? Luckily, the Internet...

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Do College Kids Play Board Games?

by Ross Tetzloff on July 02, 2014
Sophomore > English > Boston College

When I moved away from home, I assumed my childhood love for board games would become a thing of the past. When I packed for college, the last thing I considered was old fashioned entertainment. College...

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Saying Goodbye to Freshman Year

by Ross Tetzloff on June 18, 2014
Sophomore > English > Boston College

The halls of Medeiros had never been so empty. Then again, does Medeiros actually have halls? Even after living in it for nine months, I wasn’t sure. Unquestionably the most unique dorm on...

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65 Things to Pack for College

by College Magazine on June 15, 2014
Photos by Michelle Rattinger > George Washington University

Packing for college doesn’t have to be stressful. With the right move-in list, you'll be living like a king on campus. To ensure your dorm room's equipped with the essentials, forget...

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10 Books Every College Freshman Needs to Read

by Emily Rella on May 13, 2014
Junior > English > Boston College

Close the textbook this weekend. And open up 10 books that will pull at your heart, make you turn your thoughts inward and remind you that at such a new and unsure time in your life, you need not feel...

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Finding True Friends in College

by Anna Hecht on October 08, 2013
Junior > News-Editorial Journalism > University of Illinois

Can the true, Anne of Green Gables “kindred spirit” kind of friendships be formed in college? How can you tell which of your college friends are actually genuine? These questions have crossed...

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