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Tech-Video/Audio Internship

Description of the internship
Juc'd, an organic superfood juice bar located in Rockville, MD is hiring a Tech-Video/Audio Intern.

Responsibilities include:

- Producing materials for use in educational online curriculum (videos, audio) / website (videos, audio) /social media channels (video, audio, written), e-book development, app development
- Working with webhost to organize content for promotional purposes (ie. Drive new business, establish relationships with customers, etc) and as basis for online curriculum for Juc'd educational programs
- Assisting owner in development of creative marketing strategies to generate local / national buzz in advance of and following opening

The Ideal candidate is well versed or passionate about raw food, health/wellness industry, media & business savvy, with some experience dealing with the public.

Email resume and cover letter to Kelly Bradley, kelly@bradleywellness.com
This internship is NOT paid
This internship COUNTS for credits
Posted On
Tuesday, November 15 2011 - 8:24am
Graphic arts/commercial arts/photography
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