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Telecommunications Internship

Description of the internship
WTB is a dynamic and innovative bureau concentrating on a portfolio of contemporary issues addressing the nation’s telecommunication needs. The Wireless Bureau is responsible for facilitating the rapid and widespread deployment of wireless broadband services, ensuring an effective and interoperable communications environment supporting homeland security and public safety first responders, fostering a forward-looking and cohesive focus concerning spectrum policy and competition, and promoting efficient and transparent access to spectrum including the transition to innovative uses.

Wide variety of legal issues and tasks related to the telecommunications industry and services which may include but are not limited to the following duties: prepare legal documents, conduct research on rulemakings and proceedings, and assimilate comments on rulemakings.

Most candidates are law students, but WTB may consider other disciplines (e.g., business, economics, engineers, information technology, communications and public affairs) related to our mission.

Please submit a resumé, cover letter and a brief writing sample to nicole.ongele@fcc.gov
This internship is NOT paid
This internship COUNTS for credits
Posted On
Thursday, November 10 2011 - 2:51am
Additional Details
Applications are accepted on a rolling basis, but please adhere to the following deadlines:
Spring: November 30
Summer: March 31
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