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The Art of Day Drinking Games That Keep Your Buzz in the Sun

by College Magazine on April 13, 2010
College Magazine Staff

By Kerri Pinchuk > Junior > Journalism > University of Maryland /
PHOTO BY Lauren Roepke > freshman > Visual Arts; Photography > UMBC

Rumor has it that in “the real world,” heavy afternoon drinking isn’t socially acceptable. Fortunately, we have college—a legitimate excuse to participate in the beloved phenomenon known as day drinking. “Day drinking should always involve some kind of physical activity or sport,” advises Chico State University junior Jamie Hirano. “You have so many more opportunities during the day to be creative.” Planning a day drinking party?  Here are some new games to add to your repertoire:

Sloshball: It’s a variation of kickball with limitless possibilities. In the most common version, the kicker chugs one beer for a single, two beers for a double, three for a triple and a keg stand at home plate. A home run, more elusive with every inning, demands the entire offensive team do a group chug.

Cannonball Run: For this “drinking parade,” teams of 10 race to different drinking stations (houses). Each house has a couple stocked kiddie pools teams must finish. Bottles of beer and champagne, boxes of wine and even whole pizzas must be completely devoured before a team can move to the next house.

Beer cricket:
In this intoxicating game, teams place empty beer bottles on both sides of the lawn. One teammate must knock down an opposing beer bottle with a Frisbee. Once this is accomplished, he runs to the opponent’s side, and must knock down his own team’s beer bottle—and finish chugging a beer before the toss makes contact.

Other games include vodka-soaked watermelon eating contests, floating beer pong tournaments and Slip-N-Slide beer relays. When it comes to day drinking, you can’t really go wrong. It may be 9 in the morning on your campus, but it’s 5 o’clock somewhere.

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