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Raise the Roof and Your Libido: Inside Sex-Toy Parties

by College Magazine on June 03, 2010
College Magazine Staff

By Raven Haller > Freshman > English > UMBC
PHOTO BY Jessie Chernetsky > Freshman > Art > University of California at Santa Cruz

From Roxxxy, the $7,000 pleasure companion, to “Vampire Vibrators” (they’re pale, sparkly and freezable for an “authentic Cullen” experience), sex-toys are becoming more socially acceptable forms of pleasure. While an adult toy store may be the most obvious place to make a sexy purchase, students are taking a more personal, and entertaining, approach...a sex-toy party.

“It’s essentially a Tupperware party, only with much cooler objects,” said Alisa Boltin*, a senior at a college in Ohio and party attendee. “Friends gather in one room and usually there are beverages and appetizers shared. Everyone watches the demonstrator exhibit the products.” After, guests can privately order products. “It can be simply a fun girl-bonding experience,” said Southern Illinois University Edwardsville senior, Andrea Fox. “I wasn’t even sexually active when I hosted my party.”

While Tupperware parties aren’t particularly risqué, sex-toy parties aren’t as raunchy as many believe, said Boltin. “Going to a sex-toy party feels mischievous,” she said. But these parties aren’t just toys, said Fox. “There’s also lubes, perfumes, special shave gel, nipple cream,” and different types of sex-related items, she added. These parties aren’t just for “promiscuous women” either. “You don’t have to order anything at all, and nobody would ever know if you did,” Boltin added. “It’s just a great night with the girls. At the very least, you can always entertain yourself by making fun of the ridiculously-named vibrators,” she laughed.

Buying the products isn’t the focus, but having fun and playing games with them is. “They were passing around a penis made of sticky material and one girl thought it would be funny to see if it would stick to her forehead. It did. In fact it took ten minutes to get it off of her!” remembered Fox.

“Everyone was comfortable enough to put things on their nipples while we were all in the room together,” said McDaniel College freshman Clara Burgess. “I thought it was really nice to be in an environment where everyone finally felt comfortable talking about sex and admitting their interest in sex-toys and different ways to have safe, fun sex.”

*name has been changed

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