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20 Easy Ways for Students to Seize the Day

by Justina Tran on November 15, 2012
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Have mid-terms left you feeling mildly burnt-out and listless? Let's bounce back into life with energetic and inventive ways to spruce up your daily routine. Here are nearly effortless ways you can make the most out of this fine day:


1) Spend the entire day without complaining about anything

2) Give a sincere compliment to somebody who looks like they are having a bad day

3) Bake a batch of cookies and give them out to people

4) Learn something new by watching an educational video on TED.com


5) Cut out processed food and sugary drinks from your diet for twenty-four hours

6) Venture to a place you haven’t been to before and snap a few photographs

7) Join a new student organization that interests you

8) Listen to a playlist and dance to it

9) Find a new recipe that looks appetizing and make it

10) Smile and say “hello” to someone you'd normally quietly pass by

11) Handwrite a motivational letter on finals week and leave it in a public space where someone can find it

12) Start learning a new language on Livemocha.com

13) Call up an old friend out of the blue just to see how they are doing

14) Begin that essay or project you’ve been putting off; you’ll thank yourself later

15) Tell the cafeteria worker, “I appreciate what you do” or “You’re doing a fantastic job”

16) Make a playlist of songs, burn it to a CD and give the mix CD to someone who may enjoy it

17) Invite a friend to try out a new restaurant with you

18) Write down three reasons you are thankful to be alive

19) Save up to three lives by donating blood

20) Buy a roll of happy face stickers and hand them to other students with a smile


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