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Tricks, Treats & Television: What's On Tonight

by Linda Santacruz on October 31, 2012
Senior > Multimedia Journalism > Florida Atlantic University

Halloween lands on a Wednesday this year, meaning some of us may have class early tomorrow morning, and partying all night long is probably not the best idea. So for those of you who are planning on celebrating all weekend but staying in tonight, here’s a list of networks that will be airing our favorite scary movies, shows, and specials! From hardcore horror to friendly frights, check out our October 31, 2012 Halloween TV Schedule. 

Please note these are eastern times and programming and times are subject to change. 

ABC Family 13 Nights of Halloween

3pm: The Addams Family

5pm: Addams Family Values

7pm: Hocus Pocus

9pm: Hocus Pocus


AMC Fear Fest TV 

2pm: Halloween: Resurrection

4pm: Halloween

6pm: Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers

8pm: Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers

10:15pm: Halloween: Resurrection


Spike Halloween Movie Marathon

2pm: A Nightmare on Elm Street 

4pm: Stephen King’s IT 

8pm: Halloween 

10:30pm: Halloween 

1am: A Nightmare on Elm Street 


History Channel

6pm: The Real Story of Halloween

7 pm: Pawn Stars "Rick or Treat" 

10pm: Cajun Pawn Stars "Silver Dollar Spook-tacular"

2am: Cajun Pawn Stars "Silver Dollar Spook-tacular"






10pm: THE SOUP Halloween Episode


Comedy Central 

8 pm: Jeff Dunham - MINDING THE MONSTERS

9 pm: South Park "Hell on Earth 2006" & "A Nightmare on Face Time"


Cartoon Network Monster Marathon

2pm: Billy and Mandy-Wrath of the Spider Queen

4pm: Johnny Test "Fangs a Lot Johnny" & "Johnny Trick or Treat"

5pm: REGULAR SHOW "Regular Show Presents Terror Tales of the Park II"; 

5:30pm: "Regular Show Presents Terror Tales of the Park" & "In the House" & "Death Metal Crash Pit" & "Creepy Doll"; 

7:30pm: Scooby-Doo! Music of the Vampire 


Happy Halloween!

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