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10 Things Florida Atlantic University Students Do Best

by Linda Santacruz on September 18, 2012
Senior > Multimedia Journalism > Florida Atlantic University

Many people would consider FAU as an underdog compared to the other huge universities in Florida. While our football team may not be the best and our campus may be smaller, what many don't realize is that our school's simplicity is exactly why we love it here. Located in Boca Raton and just minutes from the beach, FAU offers students an ideal balance of a fun, active college-life and a peaceful, laid back, South Florida life. Here are a few things FAU students do best. 

"Knowing how to get good grades and knowing how to party."

Alex Koji, Junior

"Getting tan, losing football games, and getting to know pretty much everyone at FAU whether their students, faculty, or staff because the size isn't too big but not too small either."

Dean Hasan, Senior

"Mastering the art of finding a parking spot at 11:30 AM."

Eric Weinbaum, Junior

"Making headlines."

Latisha Gonzales, Junior

"Having great school spirit no matter the score."

Amanda Wale, Junior

"FAU kids know how to pick up strangers and take them to their cars for their for parking spots."

Germaine Benson, Junior

"Figuring out the best way to graduate as quick as possible."

Greg Edma, Senior

"Procrastinating and buying textbooks last minute."

Kimberly Starr, Junior

"Avoiding awkward moments on the breezeway, for example when to keep walking or greet someone you randomly met or a classmate."

Joacim Henning, Senior

“We definitely know how to make time for the beach in between classes, no matter what! It's so close to campus it's perfect for impromptu trips.”

Amanda Antonacci, sophomore

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