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10 Things University of Florida Students Do Best

by Jensen Werley on September 14, 2012
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Photo courtesy of Flickr user gatorgalpics
Photo courtesy of Flickr user gatorgalpics

The Gator Nation. As we like to say, it's everywhere. Let's be honest. You've heard of us. After all, how could you not? We're loud, proud and a little bit annoying when it comes to bragging about all the things we're good at. Whether it's athletics, research, academics, partying, sustainability -- hell, we even get excited about being ranked best in having safe sex education. Here's what some of UF's own students have to say about what we think we're the best at. And don't forget, if you're not a gator, you're gator bait.

1. "School spirit. We're more obnoxious."

- Justin Bullard, senior

2. "Finding the delicate balance between getting all A's and partying."

- Tanya Borachi, senior

3. "Tailgating."

- Blosmeli Leon, first year graduate student

4. "We have the no. 1 career resource center in the nation. We get jobs and internships."

- Christina Morales, junior

5. "Waiting in line. We wait in line for games, events, t-shirts. We're dedicated."

- Christian Kepper, senior

6. "We're good at being sustainable. We have a bunch of systems in place to be greener, such as recycling, vegetarian options, even our landscaping."

- Paige Milch, junior

7. "We have something for everybody."

- Alex Davis, senior

8. "Being competitive. Everyone is incredibly competitive, involved, ambitious and motivated."

- Alyssa Freeman, senior

9. "We're great at student government."

- Helie Dharia, sophomore

10. "We look better."

- Dan Kennedy, senior

Photos courtesy of Flickr user bjmcdonald and the Facebook page "UF memes"

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