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Truth Or Dare: College Students Doing Silly Things

by Alexi Knock on June 01, 2012
Senior > Journalism and Political Science > Hofstra University
Even though we may lie to ourselves and say that truth or dare is a game of our high school past, deep down, we’re still totally into it. On those lazy summer nights around the bonfire (perhaps after a few brewskies) this timeless game somehow makes its way in and pretty soon you’re doing jumping jacks with no pants on. In honor of Dare Day, we’ve gathered some of the most hilarious, unique and downright wrong dares attempted by college students:
“A bunch of my friends were staying at my cabin on a lake, so in the middle of the night I was dared to run up and down the street wearing nothing but my birthday suit. Did I mention it was the dead of winter?”
-Cameron Dow, Senior, Notre Dame
“My buddies were experimenting with fireworks and I jumped over one just as it was going off. I couldn’t sit without pain for the next 48 hours.”
-Matt Block, Senior, Duke University
“As part of a dare, I participated in a spicy wing eating challenge with about ten huge guys that were far more experienced in competitive eating. I was the laughing stock of the restaurant.”
-Rachel Dickerman, Senior, Michigan State University
I was dared to dye my hair blonde. It wouldn’t have been so bad, except my jet black hair turned orange and I looked like a jack-o-lantern.”
-Ricky Woo, Senior, Rice University
I had to hold an egg in my mouth while jumping up and down. It cracked. I have no words.”
-Chris Matthes, Grad Student, UCLA
Photo: at http://whisperedinspirations.com/2012/01/24/truth-or-dare-i-dare-you/
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