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Contiki Me Away: Win a Trip!

by Nicole Martin on February 15, 2012
Junior > Print Journalism > Penn State University

Do you dream of traveling abroad but haven’t started planning? What if I told you that you could win an unforgettable action packed trip to Europe? Well, Contiki is making your dreams come true.

Contiki takes college students on full-blown adventures. They combine the elements of making new friends and the college experience to attract young people (like yourself!) that want to come together, explore and have fun. They tour Europe, Asia, North America, South America, Egypt, Australia, New Zealand and Mexico, and trips can last anywhere from a 4-day spring break getaway to a 46-day summer abroad. Now, they’re giving away trips for free!

Just today, Contiki launched their This Way to Amazing contest where the winners will walk away with one of Contiki’s four most popular trips: #1 London, Paris and Rome, #2 European Discovery, #3 Spanish Spree or #4 European Horizon

The contest is an adventure in itself. Every week, participants will receive clues of the whereabouts of a Contiki traveler with the goal of pinning them down. Think back to your old Carmen Sandiego days, but this time around you have Google Maps and Wikipedia on your side. Locate the Contiki traveler using the clues and you’ll be entered to win one of the four trips to see that location up close and personal.

When you’re planning a trip, booking hostels, coordinating flights and mapping out all the sights you want to see, the process feels exhausting and daunting. Contiki gets this. They help out with the important prep work, so you can focus on enjoying ridiculous photo shoots by the Eiffel Tower, eating gelato every day, and going on thrilling tours from skydiving to safari adventures. Plus, you’ll have a down-to-earth tour manager and guide with locals-only knowledge leading the way. They also stay away from strict scheduling so that it’s your trip the way you want to experience it.

What was that you asked? Where do you sign up? This Way to Amazing -->

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