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Top 10 Sexiest Lingerie to Make Him Hot

by College Magazine on February 13, 2012
Alyssa Sweeney> Junior > Journalism > Penn State University

Guys can be pretty tough to buy for on any occasion, but few others present as much of a challenge as Valentines Day. Get a guy a teddy bear, flowers or chocolates and he'll laugh in your face; or, if he's nice, he'll just laugh with his friends. There are a lot of creative ideas that could work, but none are as sure-fire slam-dunk wins as sexy lingerie paired with a fun night in the bedroom.“Lets be real – guys like it. We watch the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show for a reason,” said Anthony Mattioli*, a junior at Virginia Tech University. “For Valentine's Day, if my girlfriend like made a dessert and then came out wearing lingerie, I'd be like, 'this isn't real life.'”

Valentines Day is the busiest time of year for Jezebel's Boutique, a lingerie boutique. “We get so many students coming in last minute,” said store owner, Patty Stover.  “A lot of them don't know what they're looking for, but we do our best to help them out.” Browsing through the sprawling Pepto-Bismol aisles of Victoria's Secret can be intimidating, especially if this is an unfamiliar venture, and asking a perfect stranger to help you pick out sex clothes can feel uncomfortable. Straps, buckles and bows, tights, teddies and thigh-highs...the options and combinations are limitless, and it can be overwhelming.

You might ask yourself, what does he like? Would he think this was too much? Asking them could be awkward, or ruin the surprise. If you go for it and bring it up, they might provide a semi-honest, zero-help answer such as, “I don't know, like, red or something?” Great, thanks for nothing.

Of course, it's important to buy something you like and that you're comfortable wearing, but a little insight never hurts. So we went right to the source..we asked the guys. We surveyed different guys from schools all over the country on their favorite lingerie selections for V-Day, and asked them to numerically order the selections of each category based on preference. Now shopping can be easy for you, and the big day is fun for everybody. Here are the top 10 Valentine's Day lingerie picks by college guys.

1. Back In Black

Black always has been and always will be the sexiest, classiest color – as well as the most flattering. It doesn't matter what your style is, ask Audrey Hepburn or the stripper down at The Crazy Horse. Sixty-three percent of guys picked it first, with red coming in a distant second. Red is festive and all, but maybe mix the two for a good balance.

2. Extras, Extras

It's been said that a woman is only as good as her accessories. They can take a standard set and transform it into something special for the holiday. Guys number one pick: stiletto heels. “Heels are hot as f—k,” Bobby Ceurvels, a senior from Westfield State University, said. “Heels add so much, girls don't even realize.” So, what the hell – just keep 'em on. The support they give also make your legs and butt look great, so its a win-win. Second place were thigh-high stockings, followed by fishnets. Tip: Thigh-high stockings can fall down during, um...“use,” so matching garter belts with straps to hold them up are a sexy addition (placed right after fishnets) that also have utility. Or, choose a pair with silicone tops that are designed to stay up on their own. More than half of guys agree that gloves are the worst accessory to include, and besides, you'll need the use your hands for other things anyway.

3. Back to Basics

A good mantra to follow is one you may have already heard, “K.I.S.S.,” or, “keep it simple, stupid.” Men like it simple when it comes to sex and don't want a Gordian Knot of a sex outfit they have to fumble with like a rubix cube. Almost 70 percent of guys said they like simple selections over detailed. Ceurvels said the number one mistake girls make is buying complicated outfits. “It's not good when girls get too elaborate, or go way overboard.” he said. “If there's a belt and frillies and stuff everywhere, which are great alone, but all in one outfit doesn't look good. It's just too much shit to take off.”

4. Sex Kitten

You may feel a little silly, especially if you don't consider yourself a vixen or bedroom goddess of any kind, but a whopping 80 percent of guys said they prefer a “seductive” lingerie style – bounding ahead of alternative styles like sporty, virginal or retro. (Disclaimer: “seductive” can be interpreted in numerous ways; it is important to note that leather material came in dead last for over 60 percent of participants, and less than 5 percent selected animal print as their first color/pattern choice. So when “seducing” them, seduce them as a human, not a jungle cat, or leather-suited Catwoman.)

5. Less Is More

Not surprisingly, nearly 90 percent of guys reported that less coverage is always better. Simple rule: show some skin. Put the long nightgown and robe back on the rack. Malizia offers a rule of thumb. “If you think your mom would point it out to you and say, 'Ooh, get that!' steer clear of it,” Mattioli said. “Women, if you could imagine your mother wearing it, then don't get it. Unless you have a hot mom. But for the most part, don't get it.”

6. Curveball

Push-Ups Bras.
Another shocker: guys like cleavage. Who knew? Push-up bras were favored by over half of survey participants, followed by padded, then plunge. Conversely, strapless bras, despite their lack of lift and support, did fairly well in the polls, with a quarter of guys making it their first pick.

7. Panty Raid

There's a (fabulously tacky, undeniably catchy) song written about them for a reason. More than half of guys selected thongs as their first choice, followed by “tanga” panties (a cross between bikini and thongs, very similar, with little coverage.) Boy shorts came in third for almost 25 percent of guys, with crotchless and high-waisted underwear coming in last for 80 percent of participants.

8. Accent-uate

Guys dig accents, but we're not talking the role-play kind this time. 45 percent of guys picked straps as their all-time favorite accents on lingerie. Bows came in a close second at 38 percent. Fringe, holes and zippers trailed behind; these can make an outfit look too complicated if they aren't used in moderation.

9. Material Girl

As was shown with the color black – nothing beats the classics. 60 percent of guys chose this as their first pick of lingerie material, and 30 percent listed it as their second choice. Sheer and satin were tied for second so you can't really go wrong with either. Leather finished last across the board in surveys, and is what some participants called “too advanced.”

10. Ready, Sets, Go

As far as lingerie sets to buy, you know the color, the material, what to pair them with, and what to avoid. But it still remains what style guys have chosen to apply these rules to. The favorite for 50 percent was the two-piece, bra and panties combo. A similar choice came in second place with sexy lingerie skirts paired with a bra, corsets came in third.

With all of these statistics in mind, one piece of advice trumps all: pick something that suits you, that shows your personality, that you feel great in. Confidence and being genuine are the sexiest and most important lingerie rules. It may be a new thing for you, but don't feel timid or weird about the outfit, Ceurvels said. “It's the same way girls feel about guys: confidence is sexy.” he said. “If a girl can just walk up in a piece of lingerie, and not even care, that's so hot.” The same goes for being yourself. Dressing up in sexy costumes came in a very, very distant last place on all surveys – meaning guys think that being yourself is key. So whatever you choose, make it you. After all, it's Valentine's Day, and if you're the one he choosing to spend it with, he already likes you just as you are.

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