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Does being able to tie a knot with a cherry stem make you a good kisser?

by College Magazine on October 10, 2011

Dr. Sawyer: If being able to perform tongue maneuvers of Olympic complexity defines a person as a good kisser, then maybe that party trick with the cherry stem might just qualify someone as a good kisser. The thing about kissing and tongues is that it’s all a matter of personal taste (no pun intended). A little tongue, lots of tongue, slurping like a Golden Retriever … you name it, the possibilities are endless. Some might find the cherry stem tying tongue to be a turn on, but to others, the feeling that a small but active reptile has just invaded your mouth and is in danger of accidentally tying your tonsils together … well, not so much. Maybe the owners of gymnastic tongues might find their skills better appreciated in other areas of the body?          

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