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Top 5 Movies About College Success

by Amanda DeLuise on August 27, 2011
Senior > Journalism & German > NYU
Courtesy of CNBC.com
Courtesy of CNBC.com

Summer is winding down, you’re the last of your friends to leave and you’ve run out of wild and crazy things to do. To get you in the mood to go back to school, here are some movies to watch while you’re trying to pack up your room and figure out last minute schedule changes.

1. The Social Network

What’s better motivation than a movie about a real life student-turned-bazillionaire? Plus, you can learn a little bit about how your most frequented website during Monday night lectures came to be.

2. Legally Blonde

OK, so even though this may be considered a “chick flick,” it’s actually really funny. While you might not be on your way to law school just yet, check out how Elle Woods successfully navigates her way through Harvard while managing to still spend hours on her hair and make-up.

3. Revenge of the Nerds

This movie may have been made when your parents were moving in to their first dorm rooms, but it just goes to show you that studying and getting good grades STILL makes you cool.

4. Rudy/We Are Marshall

If you’re into sports, you need to watch some of the classic college football movies before the season kicks off. Just a warning, you might cry… a lot. For some reason, the majority of sports movies usually begin or end in tears.

5. A Beautiful Mind

You may not be a mathematical genius, but you can watch this movie for some tips on how to win a Nobel Prize in economics. Or if you’re a film buff, this movie will be well worth your time (it won four Academy Awards the year it was released!).

These movies are guaranteed to get you back in the mood for classes, college sports and lots of fun parties. Watch them before you leave or bring a few with you to show on movie nights in your dorm room.

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