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Inside the Dorm Room

by College Magazine on August 30, 2010
College Magazine Staff

We want to know what college life is like for you, from the dorms to the library to the parties. College is equal parts fun, seriousness, mayhem and Ramen, and we can think of no one better to describe it than you, our reader.
Send your own Inside the Dorm Room stories to editorial@collegemagazine.com—they just might make it into the next issue. Here are our top stories for this fall.

Rise and Shine
My friend, who lived on my floor, came home one night pretty drunk and passed out. Then she started sleepwalking to other floors. At one point, she walked into a random girl's room, grabbed a webcam from the girl's laptop and ran out of the door. The next morning she woke up with no recollection of ever being on another floor or stealing someone's webcam. Eventually, the police got involved and the webcam was returned.
–Marissa Venditto, University of North Carolina Wilmington
A Little Too Personal
My roommate was a creepy, dirty, smelly guy who hardly went to class and only left the room to get food and bring it back. One day, I walked in the room in a hurry to grab my wallet. I opened the door really quickly, and I looked up to see him covering himself with his t-shirt and frantically clicking out of windows on his computer. I looked at him awkwardly, grabbed my wallet and left even faster than I came in. This incident happened about 20 times over the course of the year. Turns out he was a chronic masturbator…to anime porn.
–Nick D., Arizona State University
Three's a Crowd
The night before spring break, my friends and I decided to throw a huge rager at our house. I started the night off in my room with a girl I had been seeing for a while. Unfortunately she wanted to join the party and “be social.” So after leaving my room, within a few minutes, I was sloppily socializing with a new girl, and I ended up bringing her back to my room. The first girl saw what happened and burst through my door right as things were starting to get heavy. She threw a full cup of beer on me, soaking my bed and sending the second girl running. And if that wasn’t enough, she proceeded to kick me in the chest so hard that it left a huge bruise for all of spring break.
–Dan Nahon, American University
The Mistaken Urinal
Freshman year, I lived in a forced triple. One Thursday night, one of my roommates and I went to bed early because of a class we had together the next morning. Our third roommate, however, decided to party hard. He came back to the room really late and we could tell he was drunk from all the crashing noises we heard as he stumbled into the room. A few minutes later, we heard a steady “pshh” sound and looked up to see him peeing on the vertical fan! Needless to say we had to get some carpet cleaner in the morning.
–Riley Saxon, Occidental College


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