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Marie Claire, LOFT and Rimmel Bring Style to Campus

by Eillie Anzilotti on June 23, 2011
Junior > Journalism > University of Pennsylvania

Fashion crimes are committed daily on campus. From the student who roll outs of bed and shows up to class in pajamas to the student who parties in sweatpants—it’s clear your campus needs a makeover. Or how about a fashion show produced by you? If your alias is “Fashion Police,” then you’ll want to check out Marie Claire’s Front Row College Challenge presented by LOFT and sponsored by Rimmel.

The Challenge invites stylish, driven students to compete for the chance to win a fashion show at their school for this October and November. The application, due July 8, 2011, inquires about students’ personal style, social networking and fashion aspirations. Not only are they seeking fashionistas, but also students who are interested in exploring all aspects of fashion business—from marketing to styling, to fashion show production.

Four finalists will be selected and flown to New York City to organize and direct their fashion show under the mentorship of Marie Claire’s editors, LOFT’s style director and Rimmel makeup artists. “We kind of want to bring the glam of New York Fashion Week to college campuses,” said Melissa Shapiro, Marie Claire marketing intern and University of Maryland rising senior. The competition aims to seek out “someone that really wants to work in the fashion industry and is really conscious of style.”

After the fashion shows debut, the judges will select one student for a highly coveted summer 2012 Marie Claire and LOFT internship. Getting a head start in the fashion industry isn’t about what you know, it’s about who you know. The perk of the Front Row College Challenge, Shapiro emphasized, is that it “opens up a world of connections. It’s literally a foot in the door.”

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