Top 10 Sexiest Lingerie to Make Him Hot

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Guys can be pretty tough to buy for on any occasion, but few others present as much of a challenge as Valentines Day. Get a guy a teddy bear, flowers or chocolates and he’ll laugh in your face; or, if he’s nice, he’ll just laugh with his friends. There are a lot of creative ideas that could work, but none are as sure-fire slam-dunk wins as sexy lingerie paired with a fun night in the bedroom.“Lets be real – guys like it. We watch the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show for a reason,” said Anthony Mattioli, a junior at Virginia Tech University. “For Valentine’s Day, if my girlfriend like made a dessert and then came out wearing lingerie, I’d be like, ‘this isn’t real life.’”

Valentines Day is the busiest time of year for Jezebel’s Boutique, a lingerie boutique. “We get so many students coming in last minute,” said store owner, Patty Stover. “A lot of them don’t know what they’re looking for, but we do our best to help them out.” Browsing through the sprawling Pepto-Bismol aisles of Victoria’s Secret can be intimidating, especially if this is an unfamiliar venture, and asking a perfect stranger to help you pick out sex clothes can feel uncomfortable. Straps, buckles and bows, tights, teddies and thigh-highs…the options and combinations are limitless, and it can be overwhelming.


*Updated December 11, 2014 with hot new images and websites where you can shop for the items on the list. We also added media from the latest Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.

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