The Roommate Compatibility Quiz

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Hey, incoming freshmen. I know that the number one thing you’re nervous about this summer is whether or not you’re going to get along with your new roommate this fall.
I’ve been there – the thought of being thrust into a 10-by-15-foot room to live with a total stranger for a year can be super daunting. Whether you decide to go in blind and meet your roommate on your first day at school or you meet someone at orientation, hit it off and decide to room together, almost everyone feels nervous about their first college roommate.
When I found out my roommate’s name, I immediately found and stalked her on Facebook, and we messaged back and forth a few times over the summer but never Skyped or talked on the phone. I walked into my room knowing only that.
We ended up having the exact same bedding from Bed Bath & Beyond. We had both gone to all-girls high schools, both have one sibling, and we even discovered that we used the exact same shampoo and deodorant.
From left to right: me and my roomie on our first day; me and my roomie now:


It’s been three years and we’ve lived with each other or at least in the same suite since we met. I know that this is not everyone’s story, but I hope it’ll help reassure you. The bottom line is that it’s good to know in advance just how compatible the two of you are, and remember that if your roommate is REALLY terrible (as in steals-from-your-wallet terrible, not eats-your-Oreos-sometimes terrible), most schools are willing to help you change roommates.
When it comes to this quiz, remember: honesty really is the best policy. Know yourself and your habits, and just tell the truth. If your friends and family always comment on how absolutely vile your bedroom is, don’t be selfish and say that you’re “slightly disorganized.” It’s not fair to your new roommate, who really may be just “slightly disorganized," just like it wouldn’t be fair to you if a smoker checked off “non-smoker” and you ended up with them.
Okay, here’s the quiz. Send it over to your future roommate and compare your answers.
1.    What time do you go to bed on weeknights?
a.    10 PM or earlier
b.    Between 10 PM and Midnight
c.    Around Midnight
d.    2 AM or later
2.    Okay, what time do you really go to bed?
a.    10 PM or earlier
b.    Between 10 PM and Midnight
c.    Around Midnight
d.    2 AM or later
3.    How often do you pull all-nighters?
a.    Several nights per week
b.    Once a week
c.    Once a month
d.    Almost never
4.    Where do you typically do homework?
a.    At my desk
b.    In the library
c.    In a study lounge or similar space
d.    I don’t really do homework
5.    Do you smoke?
a.    Yes
b.    No
6.    Do you smoke when you’re drunk? Tell the truth…
a.    Yes
b.    No
7.    Do you usually tend to have friends/romantic interests back to you room, or do you go to their room?
a.    I like to have people to my room
b.    I like to go to other people’s rooms
c.    50/50
d.    I don’t have friends or romantic interests…
8.    Are you in/do you anticipate being in a long-distance relationship that may entail hours of Skyping, excessive drama and weekend-long visits with lots of sexiling of your roommate? This question is very important!
a.    Honestly, yes
b.    Yeah, but I won’t admit to it
c.    No
d.    I have no idea
9.    How would you describe your room?
a.    Undiagnosed OCD. Everything has its place
b.    Neat but I’m not too obsessive
c.    Slightly disorganized
d.    Pretty messy but not terrible
e.    I'm a hot mess. It’s bad.
10.What are you hoping for in a roommate?
a.    I want to be best friends forever and be in each other’s weddings.
b.    If we get along, great; if not, we can just avoid each other.
c.    I don’t care about being friends.
d.    I’m not interested. Just because we live together doesn’t mean we have to speak to each other, especially if I don’t like you.
Good luck. Be brutally honest about your living habits and cross your fingers that your roommate will be, too.
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