CM’s Top 10 Colleges with the Hottest Guys

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**Check out the latest ranking of the colleges with the hottest guys in 2015.**

Through our research here at College Magazine, we have yet to come across any Sex God Studies offered at an accredited university in the United States. But some schools, we found, are ahead of the curve in these bold, new, stimulating areas of study. Perhaps these colleges have some kind of two-year, hotness prep school prerequisite. Or maybe just killer gyms, healthy food, lots of sun and devotion to sports. Regardless, they are deemed to have the best “scenery” in the entire country. The following are the top 10 schools actively recruiting sexy guys.t life at Arizona State. Arizona State freshman Laura Seng said the students’ “no shirts, no shoes, no problem” attitude explains the need for the guys to ensure a great physique.“Guys walk around with shirts off all year long, they work out all the time and are always tan,” Seng said. “Looking good is very important at ASU.”

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